Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hiking the JMT: Pinchot Pass and the Resupply - two videos today

We had a tough day hiking up Pinchot Pass, but the view was beautiful. A couple days later, we were resupplied at Charlotte Lake by some of Smelly's friends. We had two members of Pasadena's Search and Rescue Crew and two international paragliders. They brought a box of wine, a couple bottles of beer and the first true dinner we'd had in awhile. We had ground beef, bean and cheese burritos. They were absolutely delicious. The next day, The Angler joined us for the final trek toward Mount Whitney. As we climbed out of the Charlotte Lake Valley, we caught a glimpse of our friend the Paraglider, jumping off a cliff and flying across the horizon. At that moment, paragliding was officially on my lifetime to-do list. Seems like a serene way to take in the world while simultaneously getting an adrenaline rush.


smelly said...

nice videos today. im sad that there are only 3 more to go!!!! let's go on some more wilderness adventures (and make more movies) when you return to LA!!

Mutcluck said...

Actually I have a handful of "Bonus" videos coming because I counted wrong and didn't realize how much footage I had from hiking up Whitney. So expect more than 17 videos.