Monday, June 4, 2007

The road trip has begun

I'm officially on the road. After staying up all night moving my entire life into storage, I hit the road traveling up the 101 to visit my cousin in San Luis Obispo. I had to take a little cat nap on the way, but I've finally recovered from sleep deprivation and some serious college drinking. The "glasses" party was a blast, but why am I the only one wearing them?

I'm finally ready to hit the wilderness in the morning. First stop, Sequoia National Park. Only 6 hours of driving and then 25 miles of hiking. More posts to come, although I still need to put a little time into my new logo and motion graphic before posting some videos. Hopefully I'll have that and an online photo site complete in the next week. I'm going to put some time into it on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I want more Adam.


Steven said...

Any raw doggin' in San Luis Obispo?