Tuesday, October 2, 2007

JMT: Salty Nuts on a Mountain Pass

The fifth video in the series. I feel like the new settings are even worse on this one once it's recompressed. I kinda hate youtube right now. Hopefully by the end of this, I'll have figured it out. Tomorrow, Devil's Postpile.

This is what it looks like on Dailymotion. Not much better.


mlsurfs said...

it seems to look a little bit better on dailymotion. what you need is your own gigantic computer to run a server off of, then you can post all the big files you want.

Chris said...

yeah we get it Adam you don't like Youtube, how bout some commentary on the trip? or why you chose "what I am" by Edie Brickell randomly for the last clip.


Mutcluck said...

You hinting at something Reinhardt? I never get a break. I have no good excuses for Ms. Brickell. I'll admit I like the opening guitar riff, but you'll find that with most my music choices in these videos. Pretty much had to throw out lyrics and any sort of meaning. Have alot of 60s stuff that were mellow enough to not overpower the slow outdoor visuals. And I'll stop complaining about compression. I'll do better tomorrow and actually write something. I swear.