Monday, October 8, 2007

JMT: The Girls Go to Mammoth - 8 of 17

We woke up a little hung over and the girls headed off to Mammoth to get Jekyl some new shoes. I hiked ahead looking for a campsite. We only hiked 5 miles or so, which was a good resting day for our feet. That afternoon, I took a nice bath in the stream and then we camped between two little streams in the woods. It got a little buggy that night, so once again I fled to the tent for salvation.

It's a little rainy up here in upstate New York, but I've been moving forward with the screenplay. Hopefully the first draft will be done in 3 weeks before I leave for London and Africa. I've been flipping through Lonely Planet and getting really excited. Should be a pretty epic trip.



mlsurfs said...

nice video!! you didn't sleep in the tent that night, did you? i thought you slept out on the tarp.

my camera work isn't soooo terrible after all!

glad you've made progess on your screenplay!

Colin said...

Ad, glad to hear you're making progress on the script. So psyched to see you out here soon.