Sunday, June 17, 2007

Freezing my ass off in Sequoia - pics and video

I'm currently in Portland Oregon visiting my cousins. It's late and it took 2 hours to upload this video to youtube, so I think I'll make this brief. Some photos from the wilderness and a short video (shot with my still camera) from my 3 days in Sequoia. I was too cold to break out the camcorder. It snowed the first night and my tent was blown away and shredded the next night by 50 mph winds. Fantastic views and great days of hiking followed by some pretty terrible nights. I hope Oregon treats me nicer.

I'll try to post some simple pics tomorrow of Crater Lake from Thursday night and hitting the bars in Portland on Saturday. Until then.


Colin said...

nice bro. I like this one.

sorry to hear about the snow and the fever. I'm in Ireland and it's poring rain and I have bronchitis. Similar story from 8 time zones away.

mlsurfs said...

awesome posts. our fish video is going to be super great!

James said...

awesome stuff adam i'm jealous i'm not with you

Rodrigo said...

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